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Ceramic analysis update

This Rim sherd exemplifies deeper decoration that perhaps is associated with its darker colour.

As we dig deeper at the KTC site, the ceramic finds seem to become more and more interesting when comparing the two trenches along with comparing what is occurring within the trench to other portions of the trench.

Perhaps the most significant difference observed is between trench A and B and the amount of pottery found with decoration. Trench A has significantly larger portions of pottery for at least the first several units but overall the pottery has around 15% less potsherds with decoration than trench B. If this trend continues, this could indicate a difference in the use of space around the site in past times.

This Rim sherd exemplifies the lack of decoration that may be associated with its lighter colour.

Another notable feature that seems to be observed in the pottery decoration that I noticed today and could be potential for further research is that the decoration lines seem to change in depth depending on the colour of the potsherds. On the lighter coloured potsherds (light brown to gray), they either have no decoration at all or the decoration lines that we have observed are thin and are not deeply carved into the pottery; however, the dark brown or black potsherds have very deeply cut lines into what appears to be the vast majority of the potsherds that are found with that particular colouring. If this turns out to be for the most part the case, this could indicate a different tool was used for the different type of pottery or that the material limited the design somehow.

As we have dug deeper into trench B and discovered some very interesting fully intact ceramic vessels, I think the pottery analysis for KTC is only going to get more and more interesting. The pictures above exemplify the decoration or non decoration that seems to be associated with the colour of pottery so far.

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